About us

At Pure Water Scandinavia we plan, construct, install and perform maintenance work on pure water-facilities.

Our unique CUBO-series brought the Plug and Play-technique to hospitals and laboratories. With cutting edge technologi it has a touch screen, you can use surveillance via internet, it has built-in manuals, the construction is robust and the components are constructed for operation safety and economical efficiency.
Our customers operates within industry, hospitals, laboratories and energy. The customers has their base in Sweden, Norway and Finland, but through our partner Getinge Group we now perform work all over the world. Some of the countries are Mexico, Australia and Vietnam. 

Our list of customers involves local hospitals and plants, together with billion SEK projects such as the new Karolinska Hospital and spectacular laboratories like the Biomedical Centre (BMC) in Uppsala.

PWS is a fast-growing challenger to the giants within the field and is already the biggest when it comes to pure water to laboratories in Sweden.

 Facts about Pure Water Scandinavia
 Founded: 2001.
 CEO: Jenny Jansson
 Yearly growth: 20 percent.
 Employs: 12 people per year.
 Revenue: 33 million SEK per year.
 Owner: Sdiptech AB
 Partner: Getinge group.