Clean water-facilities for hospital

Hospitals are in a trend of switching from pure water-facilities on every department to having central facilities that provides for the whole estate. That guarantees a production and distribution of pure water that is of highest quality and provides lower costs.
This development can be seen all over the industry from hospitals in the country side to internationally known care- and science environments. PWS caters to them all and takes care of everything from projecting to construction, installing, operating and service. We do pure water-facilities, piping to dishwashers, autoclaves and more. 
With PWS CUBO series the Plug- and Play-technique made an entrance into the pure water world and hospitals for the first time. CUBO is a compact pure water facility with a touch screen, surveillance via internet and components for operation safety and economical efficiency

Falu Hospital. Gävle Hospital. Karolinska Hospital. Linköpings University Hospital. Malmö General Hospital. Sahlgrenska Hospital, Gothenburg. Trondheim University Hospital. Umeå University Hospital. Vrinnevi hospital, Norrköping.