Clean water-facilities för industry

We deliver pure water to a lot of different industries all over the country. 
Each and every pure water-facility is tailored and starts with us analysing our customer’s needs. 

Since our customers within this segment has a different core operation than water and buys pure water-facilities with long intervals the projecting is extremely important. 
We don't want anyone to buy too much capacity, but simultaneously you need the room to be able to expand. 

PWS pure water-facilities to industry is distinguished by:
  • Well-tested purification technology
  • Robust construction.
  • Automatic operation surveillance via internet. 
  • Plug and Play-solutions.
  • Easily accessible filter to simplify maintenance.
  • Long life span
  • Low operating and total cost.
ABB. Apoteksbolaget. AstraZeneca. CCS. Cederroth. LC-Tec. Q Pharma. Repligen. Sandvik. Westinghouse. 3M.