Clean water-facilities for laboratories

The laboratories of today and tomorrow don't have pure water-facilities on every department, instead they are switching to having central facilities. This will increase the operation safety and make the distribution of water more effective, partly thanks to how easy they are to maintain​​​​​​​ and monitor. 

​​​​​​​The pure water will be used to taps, autoclaves, dishwashers and other places where the staff needs access to it.
In major laboratories we install more than one pure water-facility to make sure that there will be a constant flow and a high-quality pure water. 
PWS can see every project through from A to Z, and make sure that everything from planning to construction, operating and maintenance will run smoothly. 
The own-developed pure water-facilities in the PWS CUBO-series combines the simplicity of the Plug- and Play-technique ​​​​​​​with an operational safety in providing ultrapure water. 
The CUBO-facilities has a touch screen, internet surveillance, automatic alarm functions, built-in manuals, operation safe components and they can of course be series connected. 

Biomedical centre (BMC), Uppsala. Chalmers University of Technology. Karolinska Institute. Karolinska Hospital. Lunds University Hospital. Läkemedelsverket. Max IV- laboratory (partikelaccelerator), Lund. Veterinary Centre, Uppsala. Tromsö University Hospital, Norge.