Raw water normally contains a lot of pollution where the substances calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mn), organic material, particles and suspended material, iron and other active metals, oxidants and carbon dioxide (CO2) forms the biggest strain on the water cleaning-equipment. 


One of our products is the CUBO Compact, with who we can guarantee pure water that is of high-quality throughout the whole pure water-process. Its compact size makes it easy to install, it is tested in our factory so when it gets on site you only have to connect it to your water system. CUBO Compact is based on Reverse Osmosis-technology and electrode ionization with a pre-treatment that involves water softener, 
carbon filtration, Micro filtration and UV-sterilisation in the distribution. The unit is equipped with a seven inched LCD touch screen which makes it easy for the user to monitor and operate the whole process.

Produces between 150-500 liter per hour


Mini CUBO is a smaller model of CUBO Compact and produces 50 litres pure water per hour. 


​​​​​​​CUBO is a compact facility built on a rig for production and distribution of ultrapure water. The process can be easily monitored via the built-in touch screen. 


PWS' Ultra Filter 450 is meant to be used for ultra-filtering of water mainly in 
endoscopy dishwashers and is mounted on a wall. 

Water softener

The hard forming substances calcium and magnesium create coatings in pipelines, give lime stains when evaporation happens and can lead to permanent damage to expensive equipment. To prevent this, the water is softened by ion-exchange techniques where the hard forming salts are replaced by the more soluble sodium salt.


EDI eliminates ions from liquids, for example in combination with RO-treatment. The high-quality modules of Electropure produces continuously ultrapure water. We are their retailer in the Nordic countries and in Baltics. 

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Pipe contracting

We do all the piping when we install and we can also offer piping for example at installations of lab cranes, dishwashers, endoscopy equipment, disinfectors, Milli Q-systems and all thinkable equipment that needs ultrapure water. 


We sell most consumables related to water treatment, such as:
  • Pre-filter
  • Carbon filters
  • Sterile filter
  • Air Filter
  • UV lamps
  • Ion Exchange Mass (Lewatit)
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