It’s only water  

Pure Water Scandinavia plan, construct, install and perform maintenance work on pure water-facilities

CUBO Compact

One of our products is the CUBO Compact, with who we can guarantee clean water that is of high-quality throughout the whole pure water-process. Its compact size makes it easy to install, it is tested in our factory so when it gets on site you only have to connect it to your water system.



Another CUBO to a hospital in the north

The hospital in Örnsköldsvik also installs a CUBO when they rebuild and modernize their sterile center. This happened in August, and in this case too the assignment is a result of PWS's collaboration with Getinge who among other things, manufactures autoclaves and dishwashers to clean...

Aleris invests in CUBO

A CUBO Compact 500 has been installed in Bollnäs hospital. It produces pure water for the sterile center and washroom. The department is run by Aleris on behalf of...

Modern sterile center in Sollefteå

Sollefteå Hospital chooses CUBO when they modernize their sterilization center; the machinery for washing and sterilizing operating instruments...